• Greece
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    PROJECT OF SOCIAL MUTUAL HELP Dear friends, There have always been people next to us that needed our help. But now, with the economic crisis, this need has taken dramatic proportions, while number of people that are deprived even from the absolutely necessary things for their survival is daily increasing. We thought that we had…

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  • Bulgaria
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    n response to a request made by the charitable foundation Awaken Heart, founded in Sofia/Bulgaria, we gave them financial aid for 2 of their programs. The first one concerns the orphanage of abandoned and orphan children «Sveti Ivan Rilski» in Sofia. Our help consisted in replacing the old windows in the children’s bedrooms, from which…

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  • Vietnam
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    ithin the spectrum of humanitarian action, ECHOES OF HEART implemented two programmes in Vietnam, which refer to aid offered to firstly the Orphanage Phap Vo and secondly, the Nursing Home of Elderly & Poor People in Tan Thong city. SUPPORT TO AN ORPHANAGE Following relevant letter – request for assistance of the Director of the…

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  • Cuba
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    he humanitarian programme in Cuba, launched in 2005, adheres to the general philosophy of ECHOES OF HEART, which advocates that it is not enough to provide solely material supplies to people in need. The essential is to act with lucidity and offer infrastructure possibilities and solutions that have the potential to improve the conditions of…

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