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Within the spectrum of humanitarian action, ECHOES OF HEART implemented two programmes in Vietnam, which refer to aid offered to firstly the Orphanage Phap Vo and secondly, the Nursing Home of Elderly & Poor People in Tan Thong city.


Following relevant letter – request for assistance of the Director of the Orphanage Phap Vo, which is located on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh city and hosts approximately 100 orphans, the Board of Director of ECHOES OF HEART decided to immediately respond to this request and to help meet the specific needs by providing financial aid to the orphanage. According to the letter, as per below, the request concerned a donation of approximately €3,000.00 in order to achieve the below 3 main objectives, as listed:

1. To build a recovery room for the sick orphans and to equip it with the necessary pieces of furniture and the basic medical supplies and medicines.

2. To buy two sewing machines and two computers to be used by the orphans for educational purposes.

3. To buy 100 mosquito-protector nets, 100 blankets and 100 pillows in replacement to the old, worn-up ones.

Thanks to the mobilization of members of ECHOES OF HEART and other friends, whose awareness was raised, the programme was realized immediately with success.


The Orphanage Director’s letter

To the Non-Profit Organization ECHOES OF HEART

We represent the members of the school management “Orphanage Phap Vo”. The Buddhist nuns of Pagoda wish you to enjoy good health and lead a peaceful life. Mrs. L. visited the Pagoda Phap Vo, which is situated in the region of Nha Be. The school – orphanage is situated next to the pagoda. The orphans of this institution come from numerous villages from province of Vietnam and find themselves in different situations. There are infants aged 2 months, which are still breastfed and were abandoned in the schoolyard. At this moment, we host 100 orphans.

Seventeen of them are in a position to earn their lives and have left school. There are eleven of them, who became nuns and concurrently study. One of them is a junior Medicine University student (3rd year of studies), while seven of them have been accepted to other Universities. The children, who remain at school, work at the same time. One of them has been accepted in the Pedagogic school, three of them have been accepted in higher school of Information Technology, and one of them pursues Marketing studies. We face many difficulties, mainly in relation to the costs of their studies. Moreover, the school is old and inconveniently small. For this reason, the children often suffer from contagious diseases. Thanks to the presentation held by Mrs. L. within the framework of humanitarian action. We hope and believe that you will show empathy to the orphans and you will help us achieve our goal.

Once again, we would like to thank Dr. S., the benefactors of the NGO ECHOES OF HEART and Mrs. L. We hope that the NGO will act to help the orphans and the poor people.


The Director of the School “Orphanage Phap Vo” Nun Thich NuNhuThao


On August, 20th, 2009 a letter arrived at ECHOES OF HEART from the Head of the Nursing Home of Elderly & Poor People of Tan Thong city in Vietnam, which hosts and nurses 60 elderly people and operates exclusively on donations and offers. The specific request concerned the financial aid for the purchase of a small used vehicle, van type, of approximate worth €5,000.00. This purchase was regarded as a necessity in order to serve the operational needs of the institution (such as food and grocery shopping, the transportation of the elderly people to/from the hospital) and ameliorate the daily life of the elderly people.

The Board of Directors of ECHOES OF HEART gave the green light for the mobilization of the volunteers-members and thus, an amount, which reached €10,000.00, was gathered for this purpose. Instead of the requested used car, a new vehicle, van type, of seven passengers’ capacity was purchased and this gave great joy to the officers of the nursing home and our elderly friends. Their deep gratitude for our support is fully expressed in a thank you letter we received along with their photo in front of their new acquisition.


Thank you letter of the Nursing Home of Elderly & Poor People of Tan Thong city

Tan Thong 666/7 in Vietnam

Addressed to the Non-Profit Organization ECHOES OF HEART

We are deeply moved and hereby, we would like to express our gratitude to all those who showed empathy, compassion and concern to the elderly people, who are hosted in the Nursing Home of Elderly & Poor People of Tan Thong city. We already acquired a vehicle of seven passengers’ capacity at the cost of302.852.000 VND. We pray the Grace of Jesus to be given to the whole society of philanthropists and your team to enjoy good Health, Happiness and Success.

We express our Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.

With our deepest appreciation,

The Head of the Nursing Home

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