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Dear friends,

There have always been people next to us that needed our help. But now, with the economic crisis, this need has taken dramatic proportions, while number of people that are deprived even from the absolutely necessary things for their survival is daily increasing.

We thought that we had to motivate quickly and offer all that everyone can. So, in June 2011, the program “Social Mutual Help” was born. It is run by a group of volunteers and guided by a Social Worker – also a volunteer – according to the principles of respect and confidentiality.

We met in person the people that reached out to us for help. We dedicated time to listen to them and understand their needs. A package of pulses, a tin of milk, even a euro, which most of us can even dispose of, is of crucial importance for some of our fellow citizens, which suffer at this moment. We announced all the above in our meetings and, all together, we gathered money, clothes and provisions in order to help as much as possible.

We checked and put patiently in order the clothes and the provisions. We categorized them and we distributed them with our cars, at the families’ houses. At the same time, our group has grown enough and our possibilities are widened.

We continue to work with joy, but we need the support of all of you, in order for the program “Social Mutual Help” to being fruitful.

We always need provisions and money. The Program continues, having as goal the fullest possible coverage of the needs that arise, which will be announced. For any offer need or clarification, we are happy to talk to you and we can contact us every Tuesday and Thursday, 5-7 pm, at this number: 210-8228254.


The members of the ECHOES OF HEART are collaborating with the members of the Non-Profit Organization BRIDGES OF FRIENDSHIP, with which we are connected by a lifelong friendship in the following programs of humanitarian action:


1. The everyday bread

Objective: To use the previous day’s bread, with the help of collaborating bakeries.
Way of participation: The gathering of the bread takes place every Friday afternoon, followed by its distribution on Saturday morning to centers of feeding the poor.

* Possibility of expanding the program.

2.Biological Markets

Objective: To gather the leftovers from biological markets and distribute them to centers of feeding the poor.
Way of participation: The volunteers must be able & eager to carry lorries for four hours once a month.

The availability of a personal car is welcome.

* The program can be expanded to other biological markets.

3. The children and the wells of KENYA

Objective: To provide the Basic Education to poor children of Kenya (Malindi). The creation of necessary infrastructure (boarding houses, schools, etc.) Construction of wells in the villages nearby.
Way of participation: Donations – sponsorships – adoptions.

*Higher objective is to find people in order to continue the action that was begun by an already old couple.

4. Blood donation

Objective: To fulfill the needs for blood transfusion without any time-consuming procedures.
Way of participation: The NGO informs its members in case of need.

5. Open Arms (hugging)

Objective: To support the Association “Open Arms” for babysitting & creatively distracting ill children in predefined spaces at the Aglaia Kyriakou Hospital.In addition, to support the ill children’s’ mothers with clothes, food, money.
Way of participation: The volunteers are exchanging shifts for the children at 10:00 – 13:00, four days per week.

*Possibility of expanding in morning & afternoon shifts for the whole week.

6. Center of Children’s Healing and Rehabilitation in Voula (PIKPA)

Objective: To assist abandoned children.
Way of participation: Preparation and help in the homework for school, accompanying for recreation inside and outside the center and human presence and contact to children with more serious illnesses.

Time of involvement: one and a half hour per week

7. Association of helping children in Ethiopia
Objective: To really assist the people and particularly the children of Ethiopia.
Way of participation: Financial contribution, through a donation or fostering a child with cost 1 euro per day.

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