The objectives of ECHOES OF HEART are listed as follows:

The voluntary and altruistic provision of material aid, moral and educational support to vulnerable groups, such as the physically or mentally ill, the socially marginalized, and in general, all those people found in any state of need, while respecting at all times their dignity and personality, regardless of race, gender, age, nationality and beyond any economic, social, political or religious discrimination.

The prevention of suffering, illness, poverty and injustice through education, institutional proposals and the creation of social infrastructure.

The promotion of volunteerism, humanistic cooperation, individuals’ personal development and the developmental action in social sciences & arts through research, studies, education, training, exercises and practice.

The sourcing of services and resources by volunteers-citizens, organizations, corporations, foundations, the state, the local authorities, the church, the European Union, the United Nations and other international organizations for humanitarian and developmental purposes and programmes.

The organization, coordination, support and aid of other Non-Profit Organizations in partnerships for humanitarian and developmental projects.

The design, development and implementation of humanitarian aid and developmental action programmes abroad (with emphasis placed on the Balkans/S.E. Europe, the Third World & Developing Countries) for medical and social support.

The organization, coordination, support, aid and conduct of studies and research on the human energy field in relation to the individual’s holistic well-being.


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Postal Address
Agiou Ignatiou 18, 17342, Agios Dimitrios, ATHENS
Phone / Fax: 210 82 28 254
e-mail: info@echoesofheart.org
The office is open from Monday to Friday, 17:00 – 19:00.

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