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The ECHOES OF HEART is a Non-Profit Organization created in 2003 through the need of offering aid to fellow suffering human beings.

The ECHOES OF HEART is addressed to all people interested in enlarging the scope of their knowledge, in ameliorating themselves and their daily life, while helping at the same time their fellow human beings in need.

Within this spectrum, learning and development cycles along with conferences, held by specialized scientists on subjects within the domains of health, nutrition, psychology and preventive medicine, e.t.c., have been organized with objective the path towards self-development and a better quality of life.

Last but not least, numerous humanitarian aid programmes have been implemented in Greece and abroad with the participation of volunteers-members of ECHOES OF HEART.


The ECHOES OF HEART is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) comprised by volunteers and its objective is the implementation of humanitarian action programmes and the personal development of its members.

The humanitarian aid project is addressed to anyone suffering not only physically but also mentally and spiritually; to each individual found in a situation of illness, poverty, starvation, refugees and/or violation of human rights, regardless of race, gender, age, nationality and religion.

The aid towards the fellow suffering human being goes beyond the material means as it mainly entails educational and learning & development programmes aiming at the prevention of the states of unhappiness and illness.

Providing information and knowledge in all modesty, to all those in need and those who have asked for, represents the supreme form of love, solidarity and volunteerism.

Within this educational spectrum, the suffering individual learns how and why his/her life is leading him/her to the specific result and learns ways of self-aid and self-development. These ways, through simple pieces of knowledge concerning the body functions, wellness, nutrition, mental stability and spiritual uplift, lead the individual towards reviving and improving his/her daily routine through his/her own efforts.

The personal development concerns the physical health at a first level and at a higher level, it concerns the spiritual substance of the individual both as a duty and as a potential to lead a healthy and happy life.

Within the learning & development context, numerous seminars, lectures and conferences are held by Greek and foreign specialists aiming at the amelioration of the personal health of both the volunteers and those who suffer as well as their effective action taking in the humanitarian aid programmes of ECHOES OF HEART. In this way, a network of volunteers is being developed who actively help – either at an individual or at a team level – our fellow suffering human beings in Greece and abroad, while helping themselves at the same time to better know themselves and their potential, as provided by this expression and offer of their love.

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Agiou Ignatiou 18, 17342, Agios Dimitrios, ATHENS
Phone / Fax: 210 82 28 254
e-mail: info@echoesofheart.org
The office is open from Monday to Friday, 17:00 – 19:00.

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