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The Non Profitable Organization ECHOES OF HEART, in the frame of the charitable work it does, is planning and elaborating programs of support, care, as well as education of our fellow citizens that are in need in various countries around the world. ECHOES OF HEART is a member of the Federation of Non-Governmental Organizations. Also a member of the Service of Interstate Development and Cooperation (ΥΔΑΣ) by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Each action of the ECHOES OF HEART is planned, financed and executed strictly by volunteers and in conditions of full transparency, with respect to the legal regime of every country it is applied to.

It is also open to every control from whoever concerned vehicle in whatever of its phases. In the end of every fiscal year, the analytic Use of the Company is announced and distributed in all members and everyone has the possibility to check when and where every amount is distributed.

In the frame of the above and given your social sensibility, ECHOES OF HEART requests your help as well, in every way you see most fit and in the goal of broadening our work which is the solidarity amongst people of all tribes, all colors, all religions, as well as the relieving of the people that are suffering, given that all of us in this planet have the right and also the possibility for a better Life…

ECHOES OF HEART is a Civic, non-Profitable Company (with number of Decision of the Athens City Court 15282 / 27-11-03), it is registered at the matriculation of Υ.Δ.Α.Σ. of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (with Matriculation Number 310) and it is member of the Confederation of Non-Governmental Organizations.

The members pay an annual fee and have the right to participate to all the actions and the humanitarian activities.

For more info, contact the Secretary: tel 210-8228254, every day at 17.00-19.00 except Saturdays and Sundays.

For the paying of the members’ fees and the donations of friends exclusively for the Humanitarian Work, the account number of ECHOES OF HEART is:

National Bank of Greece: 10848023304
ΙΒΑΝ: GR8801101080000010848023304

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Postal Address
Agiou Ignatiou 18, 17342, Agios Dimitrios, ATHENS
Phone / Fax: 210 82 28 254
The office is open from Monday to Friday, 17:00 – 19:00.

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