The festivities group

It’s been many years in Echoes that we share the preparation for the Christmas and Carnival parties.

In Echoes, this year’s school year, our parties were made for the children by children.

Christmas party December 15th 2017


Gift sharing


Theatrical play


Theatrical play

And of course, the members being offered voluntarily prepare dishes for the children as well as for the adults.


Our buffets

Carnival party February 9th 2018


Theatrical play


Creative game

What is planned for the next few months?

In order to welcome the summer, on Friday June 8th 2018, at 19:30 we invite the children to come and play bringing their parents and/or their grandparents.

The invitation is open to members and can bring their friends and/ or their friends’ children in order for our company to grow.

For the participation of children, it is necessary to fill in the following invitation that we will use in our games as well.


Download the invitation!!


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