Mutual Assistance Group

The Mutual Assistance Group supports families facing serious financial problems and personal difficulties.

The support we offer is either material (food and essentials) or in the form of service to people who are not able to do it for themselves.

With the help of everyone, the Mutual Assistance Group supports and is supported and teaches us a lot: to coexist, to understand each other and to move forward.

Two words, the essence of the experience by a volunteer of the group:

«I feel grateful for you who trust us and ask for our help. Thanks to you, we created a team that gave us the opportunity to see all the difficulties we have with coexistence and at the same time with ourselves.

You give us an opportunity to solve our problems and move on. This is for me a great Mutual Assistance experience where one helps the other in different ways.

I feel rich from what we have lived and I thank you all from my heart»


Two words of gratitude to all of us by a friend:

« In one Thank You it is impossible to be able to sum up everything you do for me, nor a few words are enough to describe the good I get from you …

Your help, your presence, your interest in me is the hand that holds me in the difficult moments I spend …

Without your help, I couldn’t make it. I’m glad I have a second family… You! You make me feel blessed.

You made me see for a moment through your own eyes. You’ve made me want to NEVER allow myself to get sick AGAIN. With the heart full of emotions and tears in my eyes, to all of you, and to each one separately a huge hug of love and gratitude! »


We thank all of you for supporting our effort. If you want to contact us, you can call the Secretariat of Echoes.

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Postal Address
Agiou Ignatiou 18, 17342, Agios Dimitrios, ATHENS
Phone / Fax: 210 82 28 254
The office is open from Monday to Friday, 17:00 – 19:00.

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